Who we support

The objects of the charity are to raise funds for charitable purposes to either directly grant or indirectly through the distribution to other charitable organisations, with the same or similar objects, to:

  • Assist people who are currently serving or who have served in the armed forces and to promote and protect of those who have been wounded whilst serving in the armed forces.

  • Promote the relief of people of all ages who have physical and mental disabilities or are suffering from mental illness.

  • Promote healthy recreation in particular by the provision of facilities for the playing of sports

  • Help young people, not exclusively through leisure activities, to develop their capabilities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

  • Provide support and activities for young people which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

Every year, we choose three main charities to support. For 2017 our chosen charities were:

For 2018, our chosen charities are: 

The British Forces Foundation


We have supported the BFF for a number of years now, the work they do for our frontline is phenomenal. The British Forces Foundation (BFF) aims to boost and maintain the morale of the men and women of our Armed Forces by providing high quality entertainment and other innovative programmes designed to demonstrate public support for the work they do and the sacrifices they are prepared to make.


The Combined Services Polo Association


THE UK Armed Forces Polo Association (formerly the Combined Services Polo Association) is responsible for overseeing, encouraging and co-ordinating polo for the three Services throughout the world. The Royal Navy and Royal Marine Equestrian Association, the Army Polo Association (which includes the Rhine Army Polo Association) and the Royal Air Force Polo Club are all subordinate to the UKAFPA, but represented on the UK Armed Forces Polo Committee. Tidworth Polo Club remains the centre for UK Armed Forces Polo. UKAFPA grounds and Clubs include Tidworth, Sandhurst and those in Germany.

Little Havens


Little Havens is a local charity for the Rose, they provide specialist care for adults, from the age of 19, with life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinsons, cardiac disease, Muscular Dystrophy and neurological conditions.

The Lighthouse Club


Providing financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families.

Individual cases 


We are fundraising for an individual that we are supporting. Tom suffers from spastic diplegia Cerebral Palsy, affecting all four limbs, lower worse than upper, left side worse than right. Tom was born on 16th May 2004 at 26 weeks gestation and spent the first 3 months of his life in hospitals both in London and locally. He suffered from a lack of oxygen to the brain which is estimated to be the reason for the brain damage. Thus causing his condition. Tom is now 12 years old, having just started secondary school in September. Tom passed his 11+ examination and secured himself a grammar school place at Southend High School for boys. He uses his day chair when moving between lessons, and is ambulant at break and lunch times.

During the Paralympics of 2012, he grew a desire for wheelchair racing. He has always been into sports including CP football and horse riding, anything that he can do. Tom was an avid watcher of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, being lucky enough to go to some of the events, but wheelchair racing appealed to him more than anything else. Tom’s family purchased a second hand racing wheelchair for him to try, just to see if he liked it. He started training and has been going every week since. He has now grown in confidence and has a real talent for the sport. Tom has been officially classified at T34 at Loughborough Universityin 2014. He has competed in many events and is managing to improve his personal best times on almost every outing.

Tom attends training every week at least once. Our objectives are to raise the funds for a bespoke wheelchair for his racing and the costs that come with training to be an athlete, such as physio and coaching. We want to be able to give him the best chance of being able to compete and achieve his dream.


South African born Jaco van Gass was a member of the British Armed Forces Parachute Regiment.

It was during Jaco’s second tour of Afghanistan in 2009, after five and a half months and with just two weeks to go when Jaco sustained severe life changing injuries. Jaco and his platoon were engaged by Enemy Forces and after an intense 45 minute fire fight, Jaco was hit by an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade). The injuries he sustained included the loss of his left arm at the elbow, a collapsed left lung, shrapnel wounds to his left side, punctured internal organs, blast wounds to upper thigh, a broken tibia and a fractured knee. Jaco had 11 operations and intense rehabilitation.

Despite the physical and mental trauma endured, Jaco became a first-class downhill skier, and multiple marathon runner. He was a member of the record-breaking team of wounded soldiers to trek unsupported to the North Pole (joined partly by Prince Harry), and he’s also climbed Alaska’s 6000m Mt Denali, and Everest (narrowly missing the summit due to adverse weather). He has overcome adversity and is taking on the world. 

Jaco is now a member of the GB Para-Cycling team and we're supporting him on his cycling journey.


Here's who we have supported in the past: