The Rose makes donation to Haven's Hospice for World Record Tuk Tuk attempt

The Rose has made a £500 donation to Haven’s Hospice on behalf of a team who have now broken then World Record for fasting Tuk Tuk, whilst fundraising for Haven’s.

Matt, who has previously raised money for the Rose and taken part in our car rallies, has set a new Tuk-Tuk land speed record after having purchased the vehicle on eBay.

Matt Everard reached a speed of 74.306mph (119.583km/h) across the two laps, after being set a target of 68.35mph (110km/h) by Guinness World Records. He has spent more than £20,000 improving the vehicle after buying it from a seller in Bolton in 2017, saying he has worked on “every nut, bolt and bearing”.

The attempt was to attempt and achieve a Guinness World Record but also to raise money for Haven’s Hospice. Havens Hospices is a charity which runs hospice services in Essex. It is intended to support and provide palliative care to babies, children, young adults and adults. The work that they do is incredible and we are proud to support them.