The Trafalgar Way Cycle - They did it!

The team of 9 set off on Friday to head down to Falmouth ready to start the Trafalgar Way cycle from Pendennis Point, Falmouth to the Admiralty Arch, London. It's a 271 mile ride with an elevation of 6,700m.

The team set off shortly after 7am on Saturday 1st July, all the riders were feeling good and stopped for the night in Yeovil after conquering 155 steep miles! They were well rested and set off on Sunday 2nd July to start their final day. With some very tough hill and a few aches and pains, the team incredibly arrived at the Admiralty just before 8pm on Sunday. 

The riders were aiming to beat the 37 hours that it took for the horses to complete the journey, when travelling to London with the news on the Battle of Trafalgar. The riders managed to complete it in 36 hours and 43 minutes. Meaning they beat the horses by just 17 minutes. An amazing achievement after an incredibly tough weekend. 

The riders have raised £2407 so far for The Rose. We are still continuing to fundraise, so please make donations to .

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