Rose Charitable Foundation Trustee Cycling just under 500 miles

One of the Rose Charitable Foundation's Trustees, Mark Stewart, is cycling just under 500 miles in five days as part of the Florida Cycle Challenge with Caudwell Children

Here's a peek into the cycling agenda for the five days:

Sunday November 29. 2015Day 1 Cycling
(Key West to Marathon) 54mi/86km
Today we begin our cycling challenge with a bike fit and a pre-trip briefing. We will cycle through the town of Key West where the written name is as revered as the descendants of Hemingway’s six-toed cat. “Papa” Hemingway and a host of other literary luminaries, including Tennessee Williams, Elizabeth Bishop, and Shel Silverstein, once called this island home. Our challenge today will be to keep hydrated and keep our eyes on the road while cycling up the beautiful Highway 1 coast. Our route over the panoramic 7 miles Bridge sometimes likes to welcome you into Marathon, our stop tonight, with strong head wind. 

Monday November 30, 2015Day 2 Cycling
(Marathon to Miami) 110mi/175km
This morning we continue up the Highway 1 towards our destination tonight “Miami Beach” located above the Tropic of Cancer, and known for some of the hottest night life in the U.S. While Miami might be known for night life, the biggest part of your life today will be your ability to deal with calf burning miles and humid salty air while not getting sand in your eyes!! You will feel the sweat drip down your face as you hit your 170km today. You will be rewarded with the famed Miami skyline, amazing ocean view, and nice soft therapeutic piece of beach to sit on while enjoying the sunset. 

Tuesday December 1, 2015Day 3 Cycling
(Miami to Jupiter) 90 mi/145km
When you wake up today you will realize that you have muscles that you didn’t even know existed- until riding 260km. Well done!! We begin our ride by saying good bye to Miami Beach and saying hello to Jupiter Florida. We will be riding through some of the most expensive real-estate in Florida and the US, home to a majority of celebrities and professional golfers. While riding 145km today you will encounter coastal winds that come up late in the afternoon to push your thighs and calves to a nice medium level of burn. Hopefully by now you are getting comfortable on your bike saddle, but don’t settle in too far, and let your beach dreams distract you from our goal of reaching Give Kids the World!! 

Wednesday December 2, 2015Day 4 Cycling (Jupiter to Cocoa Beach) 110mi/175km Our ride begins today along the twin coats 1& 1A heading towards Cocoa Beach, home to world class surfing and 120km closer to our final destination. As we ride today we will be getting our first glimpse of coastal habitat that is a cross between spooky and adventurous. You will need to keep your pace up as you encounter the amazing sites of mangroves, strangler figs, and gumbo limb, just to name a few species of trees. Along with that, several bridges in sight today will be testing your cycling cardio ability before crossing the Banana River into the quintessential beach town of Cocoa Beach. 

Thursday December 3, 2015Day 5 Cycling (Cocoa Beach to Universal Studios) 75mi/120km On our final ride today, with 518km in the saddle we will be feeling it, but with Give Kids the World in our sights we will be motivated to stay focused and in the saddle. We will be riding inland today towards our final goal of Give Kids The World!! You will start seeing some of the first views of the famous Florida everglades, and maybe a sighting of an alligator or crocodile to keep us pedalling to the Finish Line!! 

Mark has raised the entrance money for Caudwell Children, so he has decided to also fundraise for a charity that's very close to his heart, Haven's Hospices, who recently cared for his Uncle until he sadly passed away with MND.

Mark is fundraising via Virgin Money Giving and would really appreciate any donation. Please visit Mark Florida Cycle Challenge to make a donation.