The War and Grapes Car Rally
to Jun 11

The War and Grapes Car Rally

Join us on the War & Grapes Car Rally. The route will run from Calais through Le Touquet, Trouville, Bannevilla, Saumur and Alencon. The theme of the rally is World War II D Day, acknowledging the sacrifice the soldiers made whilst experiencing the Loire Valley Vineyards.

The rally is in aid of the Rose Charitable Foundation, who support the armed forces, those with disabilites, the young and promote healthy reacreation through the playing of sport. 

Join us on a trip not to be missed.

A minimum of £500 to be raised for the charity. (Please note, expenses such as hotels are not included).

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to Jul 2

The Trafalgar Way

We're cycling and walking 'The Trafalgar Way'. 271 miles over 37 hours from Falmouth to London. 

The history behind it: 

The Trafalgar Way is the name given to the historic route used to carry dispatches with the news of the Battle of Trafalgar overland from Falmouth to the Admiralty in London. The first messenger in November 1805 was Lieutenant John Richards of HMS pickle, who reached Falmouth on 4 November after a hard voyage in bad weather. His journey was 271 miles, taking 37 hours and costing £46. There were 21 stops to change horses on the way from Falmouth to London. The route he took, which we will be taking is the main Falmouth to London coaching road.

Falmouth to Truro, to the Blue Anchor, to Bodmin, to Launceston, to Oakhampton, to Crockernwell, to Exeter, to Honiton, to Axminster, to Bridport, to Dorchester, to Blandford, to Woodyates, to Salisbury, to Andover, to Overton, to Basingstoke, to Hertford-bridge, to Bagshot, to Staines, to Hounslow, to Admiralty. 

If you would like to take part, please email for an application form.

The minimum amount needed to raise is £300.



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Rose Rally After Party
7:30 PM19:30

Rose Rally After Party

The Land Rover Classic Car Castle Challenge After Party. As a final fundraiser and to celebrate, we will have a party at Darbaar Restaurant. 

There will be a raffle, an auction and canapés from the canapé champion, Abdul Yaseen.

Please confirm your attendance here:

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to Aug 21

The Rose Land Rover Castle Challenge

The Rose Land Rover Castle Challenge. Starting in Billericay and heading into Wales for two nights, then back down to Guards Polo Club for the celebration.


Billericay, Gloucestershire, Dyfed, Powys, Gwynedd, Leicestershire & Egham. 


Vehicle Criteria

Pre 1990 Classic Car or any Land Rover vehicle.


Entry Cost

£1000, this will include accommodation and an evening meal. If you’d like to secure a place, we require a deposit of £100 by 31st April 2016.


There is a maximum of 30 vehicles that can enter, places will work on a first come first serve basis. 

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9:30 AM09:30

Everesting - Cycle Challenge

We're taking on the Everesting Cycle Challenge. Everesting is finding a climb with a 5% gradient and repeating it over and over until you reach 8848m. 

The climb that we are looking at completing, will need to be completed roughly 111 times in order to gain an Everesting stripe. 

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to Aug 31

The Rose Rally

A 1000 mile round trip of the South Coast in a two door, pre 1985 car.


Day 1

Start:- 09.00 28th August 2015 Fords Dunton Research Centre
Anticipated Finish time day 1 18.30 Portsmouth
Dinner meet at 20.00

Day 2

Start 09.00 29th August 2015 Portsmouth
Anticipated Finish time day 2 18.30 St Agnes
Dinner meet 20.00

Day 3

Start 09.00 30th August 2015 Cornwall
Anticipated Finish time day 3 18.30 Bath
Dinner meet 20.00

Day 4

Start 09.00 31st August 2015 Bath
Anticipated Finish time day 3 18.30 Langdon Hills
Dinner meet 20.00 and after party.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- all motor events are potentially hazardous. The onus is on the participants to drive carefully and safely at all times. The Charity and Organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any accident or injury befalling participants, and do not undertake to provide rescue/recovery or assistance of any kind. All participants agree to these conditions upon joining the Rally.

Notices concerning the Rally and event details will be sent by email and any changes to details during the event will be advised during the Dinner meets.

Categories for Entry and Entry Fees.

All entry vehicles must fall into the class of a 2 door road legal vehicle and the entry fee per vehicle is:

Class 1 Vehicles- Pre 1985 £500
Class 2 Vehicles- Pre 1990 £1000

Where possible please pay entrance fees and any promotional fees to the Rose Charitable Foundation via our Virgin Giving Page with Gift Aid where possible.

Whilst the above sums are the minimum entry cost, participants are encouraged to raise more for the charity by way of sponsorship. i.e promotional company names on the cars by way of magnetic plates or removable stickers. No advertising should be of an offensive or prejudice nature.


The Rose Rally Sponsors: 

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